Family Partner and Youth Scholarship Applications

(Ongoing while funding is available)

In April 2012, NC Collaborative approved scholarships funds for NC Family Partners to take the national certification exam. The scholarships will be awarded to NC residents only who are eligible to be Certified Peer Support Specialist). The Youth and Family Partner Scholarships is offered by The NC State Collaborative Training Committee to all who are eligible. Prior to completing the application, please read the information below outlining the scope of work. Completed application should be faxed to Renee Cordero at: 336-395-8830. If you wish to receive a hard copy of the application, have questions, or need help filling out the form please contact:

Renee Cordero
NC Families United Admin. Assistant
Graham Office:
(336) 395-8828

We encourage you to share this information with any resident in the state of North Carolina.

Scope of Work Outline

Objective: Increase workforce Development and sustainability to Family Partners and Youth Peer Mentors.

Issue: Financial support for National Certification for Family Partners who reside in the state of North Carolina for more than 9 months. Subcommittee agreed to the following:
  • A Completed form is required for consideration of application.
  • Funds would be used to pay for 100% of the fee for certification exam after $50.00 registration is paid and application is accepted.

It is the expectation of NCFU and the NC State Collaborative for Children, Youth and Families that applicants that pass the Family Partner Exam work as a Family Partner in NC for a period of 3 years. This work can be in the form of paid employment or volunteer. You must have a supervisor overseeing and critiquing performance. Scholarship awardees will be invited annually to report to the state collaborative on their experiences as a Family Partner annually. This report may be in the form of a written report verified by a supervisor, or an in person presentation and update.

Click Here for the Family Partner Scholarship Application

Objective: It is agreed to set aside between $20,000 to $22,500 to subsidize certification fees. Expenditure of the funds are first come, first serve and are limited.

Issue: Financial support for youth-accountability

Youth applicants for financial assistance must apply to the Training Committee or a subcommittee thereof, with a request that includes, but may not be limited to the following:
  • A written email detailing need is all that is required.
  • Amount requested.
  • Copy of conference or training application.
  • Benefits of the training and/or conference for specific youth organization and the individual.

It is agreed to set aside $7,500 to $10,000 to support educational opportunities for youth.

Click Here for the Youth Scholarship Application

Request for Applications

NC State Collaborative – Training and Technical Assistance Workgroup has funding available to contract with an organization or private independent contractor to 1.) Strengthen System of Care practice across North Carolina/Workforce Development and Accountability, and 2.) Help sustain System of Care in North Carolina.

These requests stem from funding out of the Child Family Team online Training. These funds will be used to expand family and youth voice, strengthen system of care practice and principles beyond existing capacity, and to fortify SOC sustainability in the new cross system, evidence based practice, managed care climate. In an effort to strengthen System of Care practice across North Carolina and increase SOC workforce activities are as follows:

A.       Strengthen System of Care Practice Across North Carolina

1. Community scan—develop an expected and sustainable framework of practices against which communities can be assessed and barriers identified–$35k

2. Streamline and decrease duplicated training silos.

3. Summarize current funding streams–$12.5k

B.      Increase SOC cross system workforce.

1. Training of supervisors and facilitation training with connection to fidelity check, TA/coaching.  Include Trauma-informed SOC, CFT II, and Webinar TA (Meck)–$75k

2. Support and sustain ongoing operation of family led groups–$12.5k

3. Administration and maintenance costs–$35k