We Are For Children, Youth, and Families

Healthy Families = Healthier Children/Youth

The NC Collaborative advocates with legislators and other stakeholders by educating them about key priority issues affecting outcomes for children, youth, and families in North Carolina. The Collaborative includes the lived experience of youth and families. We hope to raise our voices collectively to impact current issues.

The NC Collaborative Research & Policy Workgroup was formed in early 2019 to stay abreast of state policy development and ensure an opportunity for Family and Youth voice to be heard on identified issues/policies. The group will also assist in the development of white papers from the NC Collaborative, and provide resources and updates to NC Collaborative members, State Partners and local communities.


Our 2019 Priorities

Click to download (NCCCYF Legislative Priorities.pdf) with key message points for all issues

● Support Medicaid Transformation Legislation that Values Lived Experience
● Support Medicaid Expansion
● Support Funding to Adequately Serve Youth Benefiting from the Raise the Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction
● Support School-based Mental Health Initiatives
● Support a Coordinated, Seamless System of Care for Children, Youth, and Families

Medicaid Expansion Fact Sheet (Medicaid Expansion Fact Sheet.pdf)
We know Healthy Families = Healthy Children/Youth
Medicaid expansion is not going to cost the NC consumer anything extra

Tips for Connecting with Legislators (Get to Know your Legislators! Fact Sheet.pdf)

Other Information: House Budget Analysis (House Budget Analysis.pdf)

Policy & Research Activities
Presentation, April 12, 2019

Overview of Legislative Priorities 2019