Adolescent Substance Abuse Services Workgroup

The NC Collaborative for Children and Families established the Adolescent Substance Abuse Services Workgroup to explore ways in which adolescent substance abuse treatment knowledge and skills can be infused into the person centered philosophy and planning. The Workgroup also provides advice and guidance to the Division of MH/DD/SAS which is managing the’Adolescent Substance Abuse Coordination Grant’ funded by SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Goals of the Workgroup : 

  • Foster the involvement of parents and youth in treatment and in advocacy
  • Develop and promote trainings for professionals who work with youth
  • Promote substance abuse services based on evidence based practices
  • Develop the workforce of the future by collaborating with institutions of higher education

The Adolescent Substance Abuse Services workgroup is a group of representatives from child serving agencies and family members working to support the System of Care principle ofaddressing the whole youth/family in an individualized approach which examines the youth’s substance abuse as well as mental health needs.

Membership of the group is open to anyone with an interest in the issue. Members do not need to be appointed. The group meets the first Friday of every month at 10am at the Div. of MH/DD/SAS in Raleigh.

For more information about this workgroup and/or if you would like to become a member, please contact:
Current Chair: Paul Savery, Division of MH/DD/SAS at