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September 14, 2022


November 1, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Charvel Sumpter/Marketing & Communications Sub-committee

The Grateful Pumpkin Patch

The Grateful Pumpkin Patch
This year one of the NC Collaborative – Marketing & Communication Sub-committee projects from our strategic plan is The Grateful Pumpkin. The goal of the project is to bring families, communities, agencies, non-profits, and others across the state together to celebrate GRATITUDE!
WHY – The GRATEFUL PUMPKIN PATCH because we are a group coming together under System of Care values to build a pumpkin patch:
The Pumpkin -represents all of us
The Vines – represent systems and families that connect us all
The Patch- represents the framework of working together with agencies, youth, and families to achieve the desired outcomes identified by the youth and family.
This group activity is a collaborative activity designed to connect individuals across the state of NC to identify something for which they are GRATEFUL for. The pumpkins will be shared on all platforms across the state to remind us all that there is still something to be grateful for.
-A real pumpkin or a fake pumpkin. (MED/LARGE)
-A Black Sharpie Pen.
*Families – Write your family name on paper for all participants.
* Partners – Agencies, Non-profits, Community organizations, Religious, and others – place your logo and name on paper for all participants.
*Donations – if there is a family that would like to participate in this event but are unable to purchase a pumpkin to write their GRATEFULNESS phrase/word or sentence, please contact us via email.
1. Give an overview of why the Grateful Pumpkin Patch. Have participants think of something they are grateful for. Ask them to be as specific as possible and not just say short-form answers but something that they are specifically grateful for. EX: I am grateful for my reading teaching helping me learn to read.
2 Have each participant write what they are grateful for on the pumpkin and take a picture(individual and group) or short-form video with your gratitude facing the camera.
*Picture should be very well light, clear, and in PNG or JPEG
*Videos should be very well light, clear, and no longer than 30 secs.
3 Pass the pumpkin around and have each participant write what they are grateful for. After each person has written their GRATEFULNESS phrase/word or sentence ask for a few volunteers to share.
4. Submitting pictures and or videos –
Make sure all pictures are clear, bright, and taken in good lighting.
Send individual pictures/videos to the Collaborative via email.
Email – Subject line – The Grateful Pumpkin Patch, please state the name of the participants, families, businesses, non-profits, community partners, agencies, or others. Include appropriate captions that you would post along with social media handles. * identify the social media site the handle belongs too.
Connect with NC Collaborative media pages and follow to see your pictures posted on our site for the month of November.
Like, share, and comment appropriately on all posts.
Questions: Charvel Sumpter CSUMPTER7@HOTMAIL.COM
Thank you. We at the NC Collaborative Marketing & Communication subcommittee are grateful for your participation in this project.
*Note: Participation in this activity affirms informed consent to be included in NCCYF social media/newsletter postings

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