FASD Informed Podcast Series 2020 (updated 9/4/20)

You can find all episodes of the FASD Informed Podcast series on Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify and Stitcher.

Podbean links included below with each episode. 

Find list on https://ncfasdinformed.podbean.com/ 

  1. Introduction to FASD with Kathy Hotelling https://www.podbean.com/site/EpisodeDownload/PBDC32C3VSJN2
  2. The Treasure of Josh’s Hope Interview with Steve Bailey https://www.podbean.com/site/EpisodeDownload/PBDDD2EDZ4JIS
  3. Knowledge is Power– Interview with Yasmin Senturias, MD https://ncfasdinformed.podbean.com/e/episode-3-knowledge-is-power-an-interview-with-dr-yasmin-senturias/
  4. FASD Call to Action- Interview with Sontina Barnes, JD, MSW https://www.podbean.com/site/EpisodeDownload/PBDF52287HZP7
  5. Moms Talking– An Interview with Aubrey Page https://ncfasdinformed.podbean.com/e/two-mom-talking-an-interview-with-aubrey-page-fasdfoster-advocate/
  6. Not Alone- An Interview with Andrew Bremser and Nick Vecchione https://ncfasdinformed.podbean.com/e/not-alone-an-interview-with-andrew-bremser-and-nick-vecchione/
  7. An Introduction to the Brain Based Approach– An Interview with Adrienne Bashista https://ncfasdinformed.podbean.com/e/an-introduction-to-the-brain-based-approach-an-interview-with-adrienne-bashista/
  8. Accommodations are Awesome– An Interview with Wendy Brown https://ncfasdinformed.podbean.com/e/accommodations-are-awesome-an-interview-with-wendy-brown-episode-8/
  9. FASD and Sibling Relationships– An Interview with Michelle Catania, LMFT https://ncfasdinformed.podbean.com/e/sibling-relationships-and-fasd-an-interview-with-michelle-catania/
  10. FASD and Skilled Trades– An Interview with Cindy LaJoy of Blue Collar Homeschool https://ncfasdinformed.podbean.com/e/fasd-skilled-trades-and-work-experiences-an-interview-with-cindy-lajoy/
  11. Self-Care for Caregivers – An Interview with Cami Nichols of My Kiddos Advocate https://ncfasdinformed.podbean.com/e/self-care-for-caregivers-yes-please-an-interview-with-cami-nichols/
  12. Tips from a Tutor–  An  Interview with Jennifer Donaldson, Tutor and Owner of Tailor Joy Tutoring https://ncfasdinformed.podbean.com/e/tips-from-a-tutor-an-interview-with-jennifer-donaldson/
  13. A Voice to Be Heard –  An Interview with Bio Mom of a Child with FASD / FASD Advocate https://ncfasdinformed.podbean.com/e/a-voice-to-be-heard-a-bio-moms-fasd-journey/
  14.  Let’s Talk Legislation– An Interview with Sara Messelt, Executive Director of Proof Alliance *
  15.  From Darkness to Daylight- An Interview with Delaney Key (Adult with an FASD)*
  16.  Disability Rights and FASD– An Interview with  Lisa Nesbitt, JD, Disability Rights North Carolina*
  17.  Why is FASD Training SO Important?– An Interview with Nate Sheets*

*These episodes will be released on September 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th