NCFASD Podcast Series 2020

FASD Informed Podcast Series 2020 (updated 9/4/20)

You can find all episodes of the FASD Informed Podcast series on Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify and Stitcher.

Podbean links included below with each episode. 

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  1. Introduction to FASD with Kathy Hotelling
  2. The Treasure of Josh’s Hope Interview with Steve Bailey
  3. Knowledge is Power– Interview with Yasmin Senturias, MD
  4. FASD Call to Action- Interview with Sontina Barnes, JD, MSW
  5. Moms Talking– An Interview with Aubrey Page
  6. Not Alone- An Interview with Andrew Bremser and Nick Vecchione
  7. An Introduction to the Brain Based Approach– An Interview with Adrienne Bashista
  8. Accommodations are Awesome– An Interview with Wendy Brown
  9. FASD and Sibling Relationships– An Interview with Michelle Catania, LMFT
  10. FASD and Skilled Trades– An Interview with Cindy LaJoy of Blue Collar Homeschool
  11. Self-Care for Caregivers – An Interview with Cami Nichols of My Kiddos Advocate
  12. Tips from a Tutor–  An  Interview with Jennifer Donaldson, Tutor and Owner of Tailor Joy Tutoring
  13. A Voice to Be Heard –  An Interview with Bio Mom of a Child with FASD / FASD Advocate
  14.  Let’s Talk Legislation– An Interview with Sara Messelt, Executive Director of Proof Alliance *
  15.  From Darkness to Daylight- An Interview with Delaney Key (Adult with an FASD)*
  16.  Disability Rights and FASD– An Interview with  Lisa Nesbitt, JD, Disability Rights North Carolina*
  17.  Why is FASD Training SO Important?– An Interview with Nate Sheets*

*These episodes will be released on September 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th