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2020 June Newsletter, Vol. 1. Issue 1

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Tuesday Resilience Corner Tips

#1: Gratitude

#2: Resilience Activities for Kids

#3: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

#4: Resilience Infographic

#5: The Impact of One Caring Adult 

#6: Learning Brain vs. Survival Brain

#7: Things you can Change

#8: Music is the Glue

#9: Building Resilience with Staff and Families during COVID-19


Monthly Awareness Campaigns


– Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness 

International FASD Awareness Day (September 9th)

NCFASD Informed, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit creating FASD informed communities in North Carolina to help those impacted by prenatal alcohol exposure.

NCFASD Informed Podcast Series: https://nccollaborative.org/ncfasd-podcast-series-2020/


– National Suicide Prevention Month

National Suicide Prevention Month Week (September 6-12)

World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10th)


– Recovery Month 


– Child Welfare Worker Appreciation Week (September 14-18)


Medicaid Transformation Funding Signed into Law

Medicaid Transformation Funding Signed into Law



Founders’ Panel, May 22nd

Bios of Speakers:

Founders’ Panel Bios & Quotes – REV

Speaker Quotes:

Founders’ Panel Quotes

Founder’s Panel, May 22, 2020 State Collaborative meeting


At Risk Children’s Program Memo:

At Risk Children’s Program memo from MK, Chuck, Donn, Michael – 2001 (1)

Mental Health 

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day/Week – May
Mental Health Awareness Month – May



from NC Collaborative for Children, Youth and Families and NC Governor’s Office:

2020 NC COLLAB Proclamation – Children’s Health Awareness Week-Final

2020 NCGOV Childrens-Mental-Health-Awareness-Week-and-Childrens-Mental-Health-Awareness-Day

2020 NCGOVMental-Health-Awareness-Month

NC Collaborative Infographic – CMHA

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NC Collaborative Tool Kit – CMHA

Transition Age Youth (TAY)

As we celebrate Children’s Mental Health month, we collaborated with Ebenezer UCC in Alamance County to allow the youth to express themselves on how they are handling the “new normal” COVID -19. Check them out!!


Child Abuse

Child Abuse Awareness Month – April


Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina (501c3 nonprofit)

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina Resources

NCDHHS: About Child Abuse and Child Neglect

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month – September 


NCFASD Informed, Inc. (501c3 nonprofit)

NCFASD Informed, Inc. – Episode 1- An Introduction to FASD with Kathy Hotelling, Ph.D

NC Collaborative for Children, Youth and Families

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